The Camp Nubar “Buy a Brick Campaign” kicked-off in celebration of our 45th anniversary and since then countless donors have paved the way to beautiful landscaping starting at the Centerstone of Camp Nubar in front of the Director’s Cabin. This initiative was created to help Camp Nubar financially and is a means for Camp alumni and friends to leave a lasting impression on the camp grounds forever. Join alumni and friends alike by purchasing an engraved brick to honor a loved one, pay tribute to your family, recognize your time at Camp, or simply to say ‘thanks for the memories’. It is a wonderful way to recognize a special time or important person in your life. It will be a permanent and personal mark left at Camp Nubar.
In addition, your donation to this Campaign is tax-deductible and continues to benefit all our initiatives at Camp Nubar.

Download the “Buy a Brick Campaign” order form by clicking here.