Camp Nubar accepts applications from potential counselors from around the world. Counselors are responsible for a cabin of campers as well as an activity that suits their experience. All counselors must file an application and undergo a series of interviews. Once accepted, the counselor must attend our training session prior to camp’s start. Counselors may apply to different positions based on age and experience:

  • Head Staff Positions (Girls Head, Boys Head, Waterfront Director): 21 years and up
  • Senior Counselor (SC): 18 years and up
  • Junior Counselor (JC): 17 years old
  • Counselor-in-Training (CIT): 16 years old

If you are interested in joining our staff for 2018, please download the application by clicking HERE. Complete all the necessary forms, including a personal statement and two (2) recommendations. Send your completed application to AGBU Camp Nubar, 55 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022. If you are unable to download the forms, please send an email to and include the address that you would like the application forms to be mailed to.



1st Session: June 30 – July 14

2nd Session: July 14 – July 28

3rd Session: July 28 – August 11

Open House: Sunday, July 22

Click Here For Staff Application