Banquet 2016: Monopoly!

The last Thursday night of the summer was the night everyone was waiting for: banquet! This year’s theme was Monopoly. Campers got ready for the night while counselors put up decorations.

When campers entered the dining hall, they were greeted by the characters from the skit that would be performed later on. The cafeteria was completely decorated for the theme, complete with a life size board on the floor.  There were also banners of Mr. Monopoly around the room, along with various property and chance cards. Each camper got a ditty, which is a short rhyme about them, on different pieces from the game. Shortly after all the campers got to their seats, dinner was served, which was a burger bar. Campers got to go up and choose toppings to put on their burgers and French fries.

Once all of the campers finished their dinner, counselors started the skit. It was about a few campers playing Monopoly during a rainy day at Camp Nubar. As the campers played the board game, in an alternate game world, the pieces came to life and acted it out. The evil banker, Ms. Monopolomartian, owned all of camp’s property. The pieces, which were the car, the top hat, the dog, and the thimble, wanted to take the property away from her. They bought places like the valley and gaga ball. In the end, the game pieces got what they wanted and made camp fun again. The campers loved it and were laughing all throughout the skit.

After the skit, dessert was served, which was rice krispie treats decorated to look like dice. After all of the activity awards were given out, campers and counselors went upstairs to the gym for one final dance of the summer. Everyone had a great time and it was surely a banquet to remember!



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