Color War 2016!

On Tuesday night, third session activities were interrupted by the highly anticipated Color War break! Campers and counselors went to the basketball courts after the fire alarm went off because some head staff members had been “kidnapped.” After a suspenseful few minutes, they revealed that it was Color War. The blue team, Blue Typhoon, was led by Peter Boyadjian and Alex Kew, and the gold team, Golden Vesuvius, was led by Stephanie Chouljian and Steven Krolian.

As the tradition goes, day one started off with rope burn, but because the wood was so wet, no one won that event. The rest of the day was filled with tennis, steal the bacon, archery, gaga ball, waterfront events, and volleyball. Day two consisted of banner presentations, junior and senior cheers, song presentations, dodgeball, and Armenian night.

The third and last day of color war is the day of apache, which is when both teams participate in a long relay race to determine who the winner is. At the start of apache, blue had a 2 minute and five second head start, which allowed them a huge advantage. There are many events within apache, including running, eating, archery, soccer, puzzles, hopscotch, and the Armenian test. The gold team caught up a few times, but in the end, the Blue Typhoon secured the win! Shortly after the gold team finished, the shaving cream fight broke out around flagpole. After that, everyone went down to the lake, cabin by cabin, to jump in and get cleaned off. Campers and counselors had a fun and exciting three days.

The winner of Color War 2016: Blue Typhoon!

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