Camp Committee

Lake view at Camp Nubar

Camp Nubar is managed throughout the year by a group of volunteer alumni and parents with an unending love for their summer camp. The Camp Nubar Committee is dedicated to the expansion, growth and success of Camp Nubar. They are responsible for hiring staff, overseeing operations throughout the summer, developing curriculum, capital improvements throughout the camp, and maintaining a safe environment for campers and counselors.

The Camp Nubar Committee firmly believes that campers thrive in a fun and supportive atmosphere, where children are encouraged to learn about themselves and grow deeper attachments to their Armenian community.

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Sarah Partin, Chairman (CN Alum ’83-’93)

Committee Member since 2002
Sarah is the Current Chairman of the Camp Nubar Committee and is focused on leading the Committee and Camp Staff through countless successful seasons. She lives in Manhattan with her family. Her two sons, who are currently campers, are the 3rd generation in her family to go to Camp.

Chris Donikyan (CN Alum ’89-’94)

Committee Member since 2010
Activities Director, Tennis, Waterfront
Chris was “King of the Courts” at Camp running clinics and tournaments. He even brought his racquet and squeegee on stage for skits on numerous occasions. He currently lives in Westchester with his wife and two daughters.

Andre Farah (CN Alum ’78-’88)

Committee Member since 1990
Boys’ Head Counselor, Archery
Andre’s time at Camp proved him to be a ‘jack of all trades.’ He could always be found lending a hand in the kitchen, running activities and entertaining campers and friends. He and his wife Toleen, also a Committee Member, met at Camp Nubar. They live in New Jersey with their two daughters, one which is a current camper.

Toleen DerHagopian Farah (CN Alum ’79-’88)

Committee Member since 1990
Photography, Arts & Crafts
Toleen captured great moments for a decade at Camp greeting all with a smile on her face and a camera in hand. She has actively supervised the Photography program at Camp since her time as a counselor.

Jacquelyn DiStasi (CN Alum ’00-’11)

Committee Member since 2014
Waterfront Director
Jackie was a camper for five summers before joining the waterfront staff for seven summers, three of which (’09-’11) as the Waterfront Director. She is dedicated to safety at the lake and makes the drive to Camp whenever possible. She currently lives in New Jersey.

Harout Gebian (CN Alum ’86-’91, ’96-’00)

Committee Member since 2010
Boys’ Head Counselor, Camp Craft, Archery
Harout, was fondly referred to as “Cookie Monster” and the “Night Watchman” while he was at Camp. He currently lives in Queens with his wife two children.

Jenna Ishkanian Goman (CN Alum ’99-’05, ’09-’12)

Committee Member since 2013
Tennis, Executive Director
Jenna was a camper at Camp Nubar for three summers, then worked on the staff for four summers. Jenna brought her tennis skills to Camp and provided lessons to campers who loved the sport. After her counselor years, Jenna was the Executive Director for Camp Nubar and managed Camp year-round from the AGBU Headquarters in midtown Manhattan for four years.

Barry Halejian (CN Alum ’63-’75, ’77)

Committee Member since 1991
Waterfront Co-Director; Boys’ Head Counselor
Barry was one of the first ever Color War Generals at Camp Nubar leading the Blue Devils to victory in 1972. He resides in New Jersey with his wife, who also attended Camp. Their three children followed their footsteps at Camp and his parents were both Camp Committee Chairmen.

Linda Kalayjian (CN Alum ’03-’04)

Committee Member since 2007
Office Coordinator
Linda was the voice of Camp Nubar projecting announcements throughout the summer. Her enthusiasm for Camp after two summers demonstrates the deep bond created in a short time at Camp Nubar. She currently lives in Manhattan.

Lisa Kouzoujian (CN Alum ’69-’85, ’88-’89)

Committee Member since 1986;
Waterfront Director
Lisa was often found in the center of it all, with guitar in hand leading campfires and countless activities. She currently lives in Connecticut with her daughter who is currently a camper.

Roxanne Daghlian Lalama (CN Alum ’63-’64, ’66-’68, ’72, ’95)

Committee Member since 1996
Camp Director, CIT Coordinator, Music
After summers of organizing sing-a-longs and training staff, Roxanne returned with her three children to serve as Director in 1995. She continues her love of teaching and music and currently resides in Long Island.

Ani Manoukian (CN Alum ’88-’98)

Committee Member since 2010
Activities Director, Performing Arts, Armenian
Ani was often voted “Most Camp Spirit” throughout her time at Camp and even in the years afterwards. She founded Nubar Kids in 2009 and currently lives in Manhattan with her husband, son and daughter.

Jack Margossian (CN Alum ’69-’72)

Committee Member 1985-1989; Rejoined 2011
Jack’s time at Camp may seem brief but his impact has lasted generations. He currently entertains all as Committee commentator providing fun facts of the years past. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, who also attended Camp Nubar.

Aline Markarian (CN Alum ’92-’98)

Committee Member since 2013
Aline was a camper for six summers at Camp Nubar, followed by one summer spent as a CIT in Armenian. Aline has served as the Chair for AGBU’s Young Professionals network, and as a current active member, she plays a key role in the coordination of the annual YP City Escape Retreat. Her love for Camp, along with her professional experience in construction will help ensure that Camp is around for generations.

Mardi Merjian (CN Alum ’71-’80)

Committee Member since 2001
Mardi served as Chairman of the Camp Nubar Committee for 10 years and brought Camp into a new era of technology while maintaining the traditions we hold so close. He currently resides in New Jersey and his son and daughter both attended Camp for many years.

Jerry Misk (CN Alum ’77-’88)

Committee Member since 1988
Boat Beach Director
After two decades on the Camp Committee, 10 of which were spent as Chairman, Jerry remains devoted to the safety and well-being of our campers and training of our staff. His free time is spent reliving days at Boat Beach. Jerry and his wife met at Camp Nubar and they live in New Jersey with their daughter, a current camper.

Michael Omartian (CN Alum ’90-’01, ’03)

Committee Member since 2010
Boys’ Head Counselor, Camp Craft, Archery
Michael, aka “Mr. Color War”, joined the Committee after dedicating his efforts over many summers to ensure the integrity of the Game. Michael followed his mother’s footsteps in attending Camp and his father’s as a Committee member. He currently lives in Boston.