Transportation by Parent

Parents who are driving their children to Camp should arrive between 1pm and 3pm. Children should be picked up from Camp between 10am and 12pm. This will help us prepare the cabins for our incoming campers. Your cooperation with this schedule is very important and appreciated. Feel free to contact the Camp office for suggestions on local restaurants and attractions as lunch will not be served for visitors on changeover days.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in not bringing family pets during pick up or drop off. Also, as per our camp rules, please do not bring any snacks into camp.

Transportation by Camp – Arriving to and departing from camp by bus

Camp Nubar provides bus transportation to and from Camp for an additional fee of $75 per trip per child ($150 round-trip). The bus leaves from St. Thomas Armenian Church in Tenafly, NJ at approximately 12pm on the first day of each session (with the exception of first session – leaving at 10am). There is no bus transportation returning to St. Thomas at the end of the 1st-Half session. A Camp Nubar Committee member and staff will be present in Tenafly to answer any questions you may have.

If you plan to use our transportation services by bus, you must register with the AGBU Camp Nubar office or online and pay the appropriate fee 2 weeks prior to your child’s arrival.

Campers who take the bus to/from Camp will be limited to bringing 1 trunk, 1 duffle bag or small suitcase and 1 small personal bag of belongings. Please clearly label your child’s luggage.

St. Thomas Armenian Church 174 Essex Drive Tenafly, NJ 07670-2300