Camp Nubar’s communication policy is designed to ensure your child has an engaging and supportive experience. Here are some ways parents and friends can keep in touch during the summer:

Check Social Media and Photo Galleries

Parents will have access to regularly posted photos through our new Bunk1 platform. You will receive an email to enroll in Bunk1 at the start of the summer. Camp will also periodically post photos and videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Mail & Packages

Nothing brightens up a camper’s day more than a letter at camp. Note that mail does take longer for delivery at camp and you should account for this in your timing. Do not send any food, beverage, candy or gum. It will be confisdcated and not returned.

Address letters and packages to:

[Child’s Full Name]
AGBU Camp Nubar
5939 Fall Clove Road
Delancey, NY 13752


Camp Nubar has partnered with Bunk1 to help you keep in touch and see daily photos. Parents will be able to email messages to campers which will be printed out and hand-delivered to your camper. If you opt to receive a response from your child, you will make this selection in your Bunk1 profile and your child will receive a return stationary to hand-write his/her response. The response will be delivered into the app.

Telephone Policy

The two phone lines at camp must be kept open for emergency and office-use only.

We do not allow campers to speak with parents via phone as calls often intensify feelings of homesickness and disrupt campers’ schedules. Please do not call camp except in the case of an emergency.

As a reminder, cell phones are not permitted at camp and will be confiscated.

Visiting Your Camper

Parents are welcome to visit during our summer Open House. Visits on other days are not permitted.

Please note, pets are not permitted on camp grounds per New York State Department of Health. As always, camp also maintains a smoke-free environment.