Our top priority remains providing safe surroundings within the context of an active summer camp. Our caretaker and staff work hard to ensure our facilities are well maintained and that campers are aware of all safety rules and procedures. Furthermore, campers are never left unattended and are under the supervision of a senior counselor in cabins and activities day and night. We are proud to maintain a 3:1 camper-to-counselor ratio throughout the summer.

Camp Nubar is the only Armenian summer camp to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), a national organization that identifies camps which offer a solid foundation of health, safety and program quality. The ACA standards program is the result of collaboration and review by experts from many fields, including child development, aquatics, risk management and health care professionals, just to name a few. Accreditation is a distinction that only one in every four camps seeks and earns. To earn accreditation, Camp Nubar complies with up to 300 health, safety and quality standards, and the ACA has reviewed every facet of our operation. We voluntarily invest in accreditation because the children we serve deserve our best.

Medical care is available around the clock at Camp Nubar. Our fully-stocked infirmary is run by a Certified Health Director 24 hours a day. We also ensure that our Waterfront staff members as well as most of our counselors obtain their First Aid and CPR Lifesaving certification each year. Camp Nubar has access to local doctors and hospitals at all times with the closest facility only twelve miles away in the town of Delhi, NY.

Camp Nubar offers three nutritious meals each day in our state-of-the-art cafeteria. All campers are encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet. Hand fruit is available throughout the day and fresh spring water is available at all times. In addition, there is a snack time in the morning and in the afternoon. Campers may also purchase treats at our canteen at designated times. In addition to physical safety, supervision and medical care, Camp Nubar concerns itself with the overall well-being of our campers. We view each camper as an individual who is now part of a family. Our counselors are constant caretakers and role models and often become lifelong friends with their campers.

NYS Dept of Health Disclosure